Welcome to Carrier-Blackman & Associates, P.C.

Carrier, Blackman & Associates is a full service intellectual property firm devoted to maximizing our clients' patent, trademark and copyright rights. We counsel and represent individuals and companies throughout the world.

Our main golas are quality, economy and flexibility.

Quality ... From basic patent and trademark searches to complex litigation and licensing, our many years of experience in all aspects of patent, trademark, and copyright law ensures the highest quality legal services.

Economy ... As a small firm we work hard to keep our overhead costs low. We pass these savings to our clients with the lowest legal fees possible. Clients are encouraged to compare our fees to those of other itellectual propery firms anywhere in the United States.

Flexibility ... We are flexible in responding to our clients' particular needs -- offering flat fees, volume discounts, and other creative fees, volume discounts, and other creative fee arrangements. Whether you are an individual, small business, or a large corporation, we can serve your patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and computer law needs with exceptional quality at affordable rates.